Information for Cypriots traveling abroad

Cypriot citizens are not required to have an entry visa to these countries.

Cypriot nationals traveling to countries not mentioned above, need to apply for an Entry and / or Transit Visa, before leaving Cyprus.

Important Notes:

  1. Cypriot nationals traveling to Albania and Belize will be given a visa upon arrival.
  2. Cypriot nationals traveling to Brunei Darussalam will be given a visa, valid for a 14-day visit, upon arrival.
  3. Cypriot nationals traveling to Gambia and Indonesia will be given a visa, valid for a 21-day visit, upon arrival.
  4. Cypriot nationals traveling to the Maldives and Malaysia will be given a visa, valid for a 30-day visit, upon arrival.

Passport validity

Most countries, for admission to their territory, require that the expiration date of a travel document be at least 3-6 months later than the predicted date of departure from that country. Cypriot citizens require a valid passport for travel to almost all destinations.

Ensure, at least two weeks before your trip, that you have a valid, unexpired passport. Some countries now insist that your passport should be valid for up to six months after your departure, so check the expiry date carefully.

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